Douglas SP-25 RB/DB/QB shoulder pad

Product Number: SP25

The Douglas SP 25 Series shoulder pad is made with similar specifications as the famous Custom Pro Pad. All SP cushions have been hand tailored to accent the front axillary pads effectively reducing arm restriction across the front of the body. This flat, low profile pad has SC-18 flaps to give great arm moblity to make blocking and receiving easier. It's lightwight design makes it a good choice for Tail Backs, Defensive Backs, as well as Quarterbacks who have to take the hits.

Since 1986, the professionals at Douglas have worked one-on-one with customers to help them select the right pads and best options for their needs. Our goal is to outfit each player with a pad that allows him to compete at his highest level.

Remember, when taking an AC measurement, never lay the tape on the body. The best tool for measuring AC joints, is a yard stick. See the chart below for sizing.

 AC Measurement Size
 17" - 18" S
 18" - 19" M
 19" - 20" L
 20" - 21" XL
 21" - 22" XXL
 22" - 23" 3XL
 23" - 24" 4XL

Our Price:             $250.00

Adult Alpha Sizes: *
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